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Critical Illness Insurance (CI)

Critical illness insurance pays a lump-sum benefit that you can use any way you wish when you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness and satisfy the survival period, as defined in the policy. The physical and emotional strain of a critical illness can be severe and when you combine that with the potentially damaging financial impact, the result can be devastating. Critical illness insurance provides a range of additional benefits and assistance services to help meet everyday needs and cope with the stresses of a critical illness.

That’s where the critical illness benefit comes in—you are free to spend the money as you wish—such as to help you and your family find the best medical care; such as to pay for private nursing or out-of-country treatment and medical equipment. Other possibilities are to cover lost income or even to pay off your mortgage. It can help you where you need it most so you can focus all your energy on recovering.

At Boggs Financial Inc. we can help you decide which Critical Illness insurance coverage will best meet your needs.

For a free consultation on how this product may help protect you! Contact us at 519-848-2939.