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Guaranteed Investment Certificate/Contracts (GIC’s)

Available through Boggs Financial Inc.


A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is a secure investment that guarantees 100% of the original amount that you invested. Your investment earns interest, at either a fixed or a variable rate, or based on a market-based index.

A  Guaranteed Investment Certificates is an excellent choice for a portfolio that requires a measure of safety.


A Guaranteed Investment Contract provides insurance company benefits, such as tax advantages for non-registered contracts, the ability to pass on money tax-free to beneficiaries, and potential creditor protection.

A  Guaranteed Investment Contract is an excellent choice for a portfolio that requires a measure of safety.

Boggs Financial Inc. offers GIC’s from a number of deposit taking banks, trust companies and insurance companies. Deposit type products issued by members of Assuris are protected (see http://www.assuris.ca for a complete list of members).

You can visit CDIC’s website to learn more about CDIC depsoit insurnace.

At Boggs Financial we can help you decide which Guaranteed Investment Contract will best meet your needs.

Let’s have a conversation to see if mutual funds are right for you! Contact us at 519-848-2939.

Mutual Funds are offered through Manulife Wealth Inc.  Insurance Products and services are offered through Boggs Financial Inc.